Designed and built and raced in Italy since 1971 and available in Canada since 2019 from MOTO ITALIA!

Get what you want, enjoy the freedom of a new bike without tying up your credit in a loan. Then at the end of your lease, you return it to us, just like a car lease.

No repair cost surprises or breakdowns you get from older used bikes.

Want a NEW MOTORCYCLE this year but can’t quite come up with the cash and don’t want another loan to worry about?
We have the answer…. Subscribe to our MOTO Lease plan*.

*(includes; vehicle & license for the duration of the lease.)

Here is all you need to do:

  1. Pick out one of our 12 SWM models on the website, then contact us for a quote online or by phone (902) 880-6731
  2. Complete the quote request and pick your options
  3. Select the 2 or 3-year plan that best suits your needs
  4. Sign up and arrange for a pickup or delivery time.
  5. Receive your new bike- all ready to go!
  6. Hop on and enjoy the ride!
  7. When your lease ends, you have several options;
    (a) Return the bike to us and walk away**
    (b) Upgrade to a new bike or model
    (c) Purchase the bike for its residual value.
  8. Another special service we offer is “the upgrade”.

If, during your subscription, you wish to trade up to another SWM model or upgrade to a newer model year, just contact us for the details.

** This is the small print – the vehicle must be returned as original, less normal wear and tear and not modified or damaged, or there could be additional charges.

What’s different about leasing a motorcycle from us….

  • Quick response time- Be approved in minutes
  • New Vehicle Warranty included- No worries
  • Vehicle Upgrade Program- Upsize, Downsize, New Model, your choice
  • Lower Monthly Payments- Ride for less than you think