Adventure has a new name with the SWM Superdual storming the Canadian adventure bike market with a combination of proven performance and specific adventure styling.

Born from the Husqvarna TE 630 and manufactured in the same production plant in Lombadia, Italy, the SWM Superdual shares the same highly-acclaimed 600cc liquid-cooled DOHC 4-valve four-stroke engine as the SWM RS 650R. This engine won many fans in its first incarnation and it’s impressing again in the RS 650R. Now with slightly more horsepower due to the under-slung exhaust configuration on the Superdual, this 600cc engine is the solid foundation upon which this adventure bike was built.

The sleek design of the under-slung exhaust, engine protection bar design and windscreen give the Superdual an unmistakable and incredibly attractive adventure style.

The Superdual adds unique adventure design and functionality to offer the latest in thumping-single adventure riding. With 19-litre fuel capacity, 6-speed transmission, 860mm seat height and dry weight of 159kg, the SWM Superdual is bound to attract riders who want an adventure bike that can behave like a dirt bike yet offer the comfort that long distance riding demands.

Standard features include hand guards, adjustable front and rear suspension with external shock spring pre-load adjuster, skid plate, Brembo brakes and an engine that pumps out 54 horsepower via GET ignition and a D45 Mikuni throttle body.

The SWM Superdual is available in both the Superdual T and Superdual X models.

A Superdual GT Kit is also available which contains Givi panniers and brackets and LED fog lights.

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