…It all started with a long walk.

In 1905, a blacksmith named William Scott read about a new machine for personal travel. Tired of his 10 mile walk to work each day, he purchased what was to be the first motorcycle in his area. Viewed as a curiosity at first, his metalworking business was soon in demand to repair motorcycles and cars as well as carriages.

His grandson Harry Scott became a motorcycle mechanic and dispatch rider during the second World War, serving in England, Italy, Germany and Holland. After the war he returned home to Canada and worked on and rode motorbikes during the late 1940’s and early 50’s.

Harry’s son, William, began riding motorcycles in the 1960’s for sport and cheap transportation. In 2019, he continues to ride, joined now by his sons, daughter and recently, grandsons.

And so, it was a natural evolution that, after 50 years riding motorcycles, that William would begin a partnership with a premier Italian manufacturer of motorcycles and introduce the SWM brand to Atlantic Canadians.

That partnership is called Moto Italia Motorcycles.

Based in Halifax Nova Scotia, Moto Italia is committed to introducing high quality Italian made SWM products to customers in the four Atlantic Provinces of Canada.