Moto Italia is your source for high quality, Italian-Manufactured SWM Motorcycles in Altantic Canada. Whether you like to rip through mud and snow, or ride the roads, there’s a SWM motorcycle designed for you! We offer a full range off-road, dual purpose and classic motorcycles that will suit any need.

When you choose SWM, you are choosing safety. Leading edge safety features are built into each motorcycle including Brembo brakes, Anti-lock brakes (ABS), LED lights and innovative tire construction. Using only the best materials and techniques, SWM motorcycles are built to last, and are both light and strong.

Moto Italia offers motorcycle sales, service and accessories to the Maritimes. We also offer innovative services like a subscription service, home maintenance, seasonal storage, and residential pickup and delivery.

Contact us today to come view a bike, or learn more about us and the SWM model lineup.

Off Road

Lightweight, powerful and dependable- all the features that has kept SWM in the top tier in European Super Motard and Enduro competitions.

Dual Purpose

Our “T “model can comfortably take you to work, play, and or across the country, in comfort, safety. The “X” model with the Gran Tourismo (GT) package, is built to take you around the globe and bring home lots of souvenirs of the trip!


A 21st century update of the motorbikes that everyone loved. Our Classics were designed to deliver the joy of riding, without the noise, but with extreme reliability, economy of operation, and most importantly- safety.

“Qualita, Servizio et Cura”
(Quality, Service and Care)

The cornerstone of Moto Italia’s business model.